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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kristin Soika who was born in St. Paul Minnesota on March 14, 1972 and passed away from Leukemia on September 09, 2006 at the age of 34. She left behind two beautiful daughters and a family that will miss her and remember her forever.


If you would like to join our team for the Light the Night Walk, you can go to the following website and register with TEAM KRISSY at anytime. We usually walk in the fall every year.

Here is a poem that Krissy's niece and goddaughter Bailey wrote at school and she won second place in our St. Paul Community reporter. 


It starts as a seed growing and growing until it wakes up and petals sprout

Five petals grow around this flower and as it lives people pass by and enjoy the beauty 
But God chooses when a petal from the flower must fall.

God makes a plan 
Even though the flower grew up so beautiful, it knows when it's time to go
The oldest petal has fallen

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Tributes and Condolences
...  / Alex Soika (Daughter)
Mom.... I can't do this anymore...I really need you..I don't think I can be without you anymore... It's so hard, it's too hard.. You're the one person in this stupid ass family that I need, that I care about, that I love.. You're the only person I ...  Continue >>
I miss you.   / Alex Soika (First Daughter )
Hey Mom, I'm just writing you to let you know that I miss you...not like you can't see me and don't know..but I really do. I don't know what to do with myself anymore...I have no idea what I'm doing... These past couple of months have been hell....  Continue >>
Hey, Mom..   / Alex Soika (First Daughter )
It sucks, when you feel like you have no one you can trust. Having you, would be great right about now. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I try to stay strong, but I'm not very strong... I'm the weakest person I know. I need you mom. I need...  Continue >>
Happy Father's Day <|3   / Alex Soika (First Daughter )
Hey mom, I'm just stopping by because I need someone to talk to.. It's Father's Day today. You were both my mom, and dad for a very long time. Practically my whole life. Until Scott came into the picture. You've been there since day one. Never left ...  Continue >>
Hi mom...   / Alex Soika (First daughter )
Hey mom, I haven't been on here in awhile. I miss you so much. Nothing feels good, nothing feels the same. We got back from Florida a week ago, vacation was hell. I had too many mood swings and didn't get along with anybody. It would've been way be...  Continue >>
If I could write the words to explain how I feel..  / Kari Dagel (Sister)    Read >>
I need you...  / Alex Soika (1st Daughter )    Read >>
Missing you...  / Alex Soika (Daughter)    Read >>
hey sis  / Scott (brother)    Read >>
Wish You Were Here  / Bailey Soika (Goddaughter)    Read >>
Hi Krissy  / Rosanne Soika (Mom)    Read >>
Hi there!  / Kari Dagel (Sister)    Read >>
Three years, Krissy, and it is still like yesterda  / Rosanne Soika (Mom)    Read >>
3 years today since you left us  / Kari Dagel (Sister)    Read >>
3 years already  / Suzy (Sister)    Read >>
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